My lips are sealed

I swear I won’t share your information with anyone. I’ve worked in email marketing for almost 10 years and I understand the importance of privacy. I will, however, collect some information from you when you visit my website but it’s for my eyes only.

Posts & Comments

I reserve the right to remove any previous posts without notice or explanation. I look forward to hearing from readers and appreciate each and every comment. However, any comment deemed negative or inappropriate, this includes spam, offensive or rude comments and any other comments that are unrelated to the post will be deleted without notice or explanation.

Gifts & Ads

I will always disclose gifted items, including meals. I don’t claim to share the views or expressions of those companies I receive items or meals from. I will never post anything I do not love or enjoy (no matter how much they pay me).

Social Love

I spend a lot of time taking and editing my photos. If you Pin, Blog, Instagram, Tweet or Blog, etc, please be kind and link back to the original content found on The Stopover by Meaghan Murray. All designs, content, and photos must be credited and linked to the original post with written permission.


If you think your product is a good fit for me, please email meaghan@meaghanmurray.com for more information.

Sponsored Posts

I am always thrilled to work with like-minded brands and companies on travel, food and lifestyle projects. That being said, I will only post using my own words and photographs. And I will always be 100% honest. For pricing information, please contact meaghan@meaghanmurray.com.


I will only work with advertisers that my readers can relate to and benefit from. If you think your company and brand is a good fit, please email meaghan@meaghanmurray.com.