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The Sunday Post, 7.18

The Sunday Post, 7.18

The Sunday Post, 7.18

Newport Polo match

I’m coming to you super late from the pool at Gurney’s in Newport, RI. My friends and I came down for some Saturday polo and decided to stay until Monday morning. Polo was incredibly fun! If you’re in the area, I highly recommend a polo outing. You can either tailgate, get a tent, or sit at a table, but definitely bring some snacks and enjoy some divot stomping.

Today was just a lazy brunch, some shopping, and pool time. The sun is trying to come out so it was only right that we take advantage.

ALSO, I’m super excited to see my photographs featured in the Snowe Home email this week.

This week's top five.


I’m utterly obsessed with My Unorthodox Life on Netflix. (Really, I’m obsessed with any story about women leaving fundamentalist religious groups.) The reality show documents the life of Julia Haart, Elite World Group CEO and a former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and her adult kids. It’s fascinating stuff. The LA Times has a great article on Julia and the show.


Speaking of leaving fundamentalist religious groups, this is a great read on what makes a cult.


I love this article in The Atlantic about how different cultures define happiness.


I just listened to Seth Rogan’s book “Yearbook” and it’s fantastic. I’ve listened to A LOT of audiobooks and this one was really well done. Lots of guest voices to help tell the stories. Warning: most of the book is about his drug use, but it’s not reckless and he gives a great perspective on why he’s such a fan of drugs over alcohol.


I bought this Ganni dress at Olivela on Nantucket, and I’ve worn it so many times in the past couple of weeks. I need to get it tailored a bit, but it’s a fantastic dress. I love shopping at Olivela because they donate to charities with each purchase a customer makes. We need more responsible and transparent companies like this.

Snacks at Newport Polo
Stoneacre Brasserie
Snacks at Gurneys Newport pool

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This contains affiliate links.