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The Sunday Post, 6.27

The Sunday Post, 6.27

The Sunday Post, 6.27

Lifestyle blogger Meaghan Murray shares a post of things from the week of 6/20/21 on her blog The Stopover

So this is the second time I’m writing this post. WordPress was cranky (honestly, same) and decided not to save my original draft. Cool cool cool. Anyway.

This week was quiet. I was slammed at work, had a couple of doctor’s appointments, one of which was my FIRST chiropractor’s appointment (like WHOA), but I also finalized my trip back to Nantucket for the 4th. That trip will be extra special. Not only do I get to visit my happy place and see some of the greatest people, but I’m also staying at two new hotels on island. More to come, but get excited about some serious eye candy.

Aside from all that, I was in Maine this weekend. I got my hair done, hung out with the fam, enjoyed some outdoor time, had an epic Cubano sandwich from the Cheese Iron, and per yooj, I drank some yummy wine c/o Grippy Tannins (aka my sister’s wine shop).

This week's top five.


Can we please talk about Britney Spears? Her court testimony wasn’t surprising, but my god, the details are shocking. She has an IUD that she can’t get removed?! Like holy shit, this poor woman is being held captive and isn’t allowed to make decisions that affect her own body. #freebritney


I bought these new Bennington Potters coffee mugs. They are the perfect replacement for my old Anthro monogrammed mug, which shit the bed after what seems like at least 7 years.


The new Lord Huron album <3


I’m LOVING this new Snowe Home linen throw. If you’ve been following me on Instagram over the past year, you know I love a good beach happy hour, and this throw is perfect for a drink or two by the water.


I just bought this linen dress from Rachel Palley, and I love it. I wanted an easy boho dress to wear, but every single one I tried on looked like a tent on me and, needless to say, wasn’t flattering AT ALL. This one has a nice shape, and the fabric isn’t baggy or heavy. The straps are adjustable, so this can work for a lot of different body shapes. Style-wise, it’s versatile, and you can wear this out to drinks with the girls or running errands.

Bennington Potters coffee mug
Tobin Bridge from Charlestown
Cheese Iron Cuban and Serge LaLoue Sancerre Maine

This post isn’t sponsored, but it does contain affiliate links.

This contains affiliate links.