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Nantucket Travel Tips

Nantucket Travel Tips | The Stopover by Meaghan Murray |

Nantucket is one of my favorite places to visit. From her nautical vibe to her small town feel, there isn’t much I would complain about when it comes to this little island.

Also called the “Grey Lady”, Nantucket is an island located 30 miles off of Massachusetts. This means, she’s not the most accessible and it takes some planning to visit, but lucky for you, I’m here with some of my tips to make your trip on and off the island a piece of cake.

Nantucket Travel Tips | The Stopover by Meaghan Murray |

01/ Take a boat, but not for the obvious reasons

To get to Nantucket, you’ll either have to fly or take a boat. My preferred method is boat for a couple reasons: 1) it’s a boat, duh, and 2) if you are staying for an extended period of time, i.e. not just a day, you can bring “supplies”. (That’s code for wine. It’s not cheap on the island. If you can cut back on costs, do it. )

Ok, back to the boat. Unless you have your own boat, which I highly recommend if you have the means, you’ll need to take a ferry. Hy-Line Cruises has a fast ferry that will get you there in an hour and change. It’s also a super comfy ride. There’s plenty of seating and a snack bar for all of your boat ride needs. *wink* And with Hy-Line, you can carry-on multiple bags and not worry about a weight limit or liquids. So pack your favorite snacks, wine, and a million pairs of shoes. Because if your luck is anything like mine, you’ll get sunshine and rain during your trip to Nantucket.

Nantucket Guide | The Stopover by Meaghan Murray |

02/ If you take the ferry, book a parking spot

If you take my advice and take the Hy-Line fast ferry to Nantucket, book a parking spot in advance. There aren’t many parking lots close to the ferry, and the few that are there fill up fast. Do this especially if you’re staying for a weekend or longer.

Nantucket Travel Tips | The Stopover by Meaghan Murray |

03/ Sit outside

If the sun is shining, sitting outside is heaven. It’s zen-like and a great way to relax pre or post trip.

Pro tip for the ladies: bring a hairbrush. While I love sitting outside, I equate it to driving in a convertible so tie your hair back or plan to brush your hair after you arrive at your destination.

Nantucket Travel Tips | The Stopover by Meaghan Murray |

Enjoy every minute

Traveling can always be stressful, so try to enjoy every minute. If you get sea sick easily, watch the horizon. If you’re just stressed, there are usually 1000 dogs on the boat. Find someone who will let you pet their dog for a bit. (IDK, usually helps me.) Worst case, there’s a bar. Safe travels!

A million thank yous to Hy-Line Cruises and Nantucket Island Retail for partnering on this post. All opinions and images are my own. And if you’re interested in reading more about my travel adventures, head over to the Travel section.

Nantucket Travel Tips | The Stopover by Meaghan Murray |
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