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Nantucket. My Happy Place.

Nantucket. My Happy Place.

Travel blogger Meaghan Murray shares a post o Nantucket, Massachusetts on her blog The Stopover

Nantucket is a very special place for me. Maybe it’s because of the quaint small-town feel? Maybe it’s the sing-alongs at Club Car and the food at Nautilus? Maybe it’s because I always go there with my favorite people? Whatever it is, I love Nantucket. It is my happy place.

For obvious reasons, my visit this year was going to be a bit different. There were no sing-alongs in Club Car. No moving about freely at Cisco. No walking down the street without your sun/glasses fogging up. (Some things didn’t change, though. Reservations were still impossible. Surprise, surprise. Thankfully, I managed a couple of visits to Nautilus.)

But considering all of that, my visits this summer were hands-down my favorite ever. Both visits were so special. From drive-on beach days to buying fresh bread and veggies from the farm stand, being able to cook all day, to drinking chillable red wine, to all of the good music and laughs. It was so incredible that I pretty much convinced myself that I need to move to Nantucket. (If anyone has a cool $5 mil they want to give me, that would really help in this pursuit.)

Words can’t really describe my time on my favorite island, so pictures will have to do.

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