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The Great Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston

The Great Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston

The Great Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston

Boston Travel Guide cover showcasing iconic city landmarks, reflecting the rich history and vibrant culture of Boston, a must-visit destination for travelers.

Boston is steeped in history. From Puritans to Tea Parties to Brahmins, Boston has played a significant role in shaping this country. Over the years, Boston has evolved into one of the most educated and innovative cities in the union, but you can still relive some of her incredible history just by going for a walk.

The architecture in Boston is some of my favorite in the country – and possibly the world. The brownstones of Beacon Hill are iconic, the museums are legendary, and Boston hotel, The Fairmont Copley Plaza is a landmark. Literally.

The Fairmont, located in Boston’s Copley Square, is one of the Historic Hotels of America and is under consideration for local landmark status. And I was lucky enough to have a luxurious staycation there this past weekend.

It was spectacular. Just like time traveling to 1912.

When you first walk in, you’re overwhelmed by the beautiful and massive lobby. It’s straight out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. The reception area is gilded, but not gaudy. And, like Fitzgerald, no detail is overlooked.

Once you check-in, wander around. The decor is hard to miss and worth the attention.

The entrance hallway has been nicknamed Peacock Alley since the 1920s and has actually been preserved since it was originally constructed.

It really knows how to show off. I mean…




*heart eye emoji*

After exploring the lobby details, I head to the hotel restaurant for a little happy [hour]. Oak Long Bar + Kitchen is located on the main floor of The Fairmont, and it’s also a sight to behold.

Oak Bar is perfect for a happy hour. The wine list is wonderful and the small bites are delightful. Like these Scotch olives, which are like Scotch eggs, but olives. Get it? 😉 Paired with a little Rioja, and you’ve got yourself so much happy.

After poking around the lobby and grabbing a drink in Oak Bar, I head up to my room on the Gold Floor. So much gooooolllldddd and it is AMAZING. The Gold Floor gives you access to the Gold Lounge, which is the perfect place for morning coffee, afternoon snacks, and an evening cocktail. And you can have it all on a couch in front of a fire.

It’s like choose your own adventure, and I’ll take the wine, please!

Ok, I need to actually go to my room. It’s just so easy to get distracted here. This hotel is just too good.

And no surprise, the room is just as great as the rest of the hotel.

The Fairmont water was just what I needed after a day running around a 4-star hotel.

(And yes, the beds are as comfy as they look.)

The bathroom is just my style. Beautiful marble with silver hardware. This picture makes me want to remodel my bathroom.

I was especially impressed with the bathroom amenities. Le Labo makes the most delicious smelling perfumes.

I’m happy to report that they make delicious smelling bath products as well.

If you’re a robe person, and I am a robe person, don’t worry, there is a robe. Phew!

After I cozied up in the robe and started to relax for the night, I had the SWEETEST delivery. Champagne gummy bears! (Pun intended!) They are a thing of legend. What a treat!

The next morning, I woke up to an amazing view of two Boston landmarks. For your viewing pleasure, I give you Trinity Church and John Hancock Tower.

I had an early-ish brunch reservation at Oak Bar so I slept in a bit and then made my way downstairs. Oak Bar has you covered when it comes to brunch – from coffee to eggs to burgers.

I opted for my usual. Eggs Bennie. <3 This is your classic Eggs Bennie. I so appreciate the unique way that the Canadian Bacon was cooked. It was crispy and sliced (aka not a round, boring disc).

We also got a bagel with smoked salmon and some berries. Treat.Yo.Self.

The bagel was toasted perfectly and the smoked salmon was lovely and smokey. And there were plenty of capers for both halves.

I’ll definitely be back at Oak Bar in the very near future. I can’t recommend it more for a happy hour or brunch with you closest friends.

One last look at the Oak Bar digs…

That just about wraps up my stay at The Fairmont. It was luxurious and I felt like royalty.

Thank you to The Fairmont Copley Plaza and Oak Long Bar + Kitchen! I had a lovely time visiting with you for the weekend, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit.


Free wifi

Outlet by bed

Coffee in room

Water bottle in room

Wine key/beer opener

Near city center

Rideshare program







Yes, Uber and Lyft

A million thank yous to The Fairmont Copley Hotel and the Oak Long Bar + Kitchen for generously hosting me! If you’re interested in staying at The Fairmont or dining at Oak Bar, visit their website at and All opinions and images are my own.

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