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Nantucket in August: A Memorable Mother-Daughter Getaway

Nantucket in August: A Memorable Mother-Daughter Getaway

Sankaty lighthouse on Nantucket, MA

“Every summer, like clockwork, my heart finds its way back to the charming island of Nantucket. This year’s Nantucket mother-daughter trip, however, was extra special. For the first time, I had the pleasure of exploring this haven with my mom, right in the heart of downtown – a delightful twist to our usual stay outside town. (Well, aside from the time when I was a kid and I got an ear infection on the ferry to the island. We spent the afternoon at the Whaling Museum looking for a local doctor to prescribe me some meds. You can imagine why that would be the last time my mom wanted to go.)

Our adventure began aboard the Hy-Line Ferry from Hyannis, a choice I swear by for each Nantucket visit. The convenience of their service, especially the pre-paid parking option, sets the tone for a stress-free getaway. Stepping off the ferry into downtown Nantucket, the excitement was palpable, even for a seasoned visitor like myself.

Nantucket harbor

Nantucket in August is a world unto itself. The island vibes, a perfect blend of tranquility and summer energy, are a constant, no matter the month. This time, staying right in the bustling heart of the island with my mom added a fresh layer to my Nantucket story.

Our home away from home was the newly opened Swain House at 21 Broad, part of the Lark Hotels collection. This gem, boasting a blend of modern elegance and Nantucket charm, immediately captivated us. Our room was a haven of comfort, the full kitchen a delightful convenience for our morning coffee rituals and evening wind-downs. But it was the hotel’s prime location that truly won us over, placing the best of Nantucket at our doorstep.

The Swain House knows how to make guests feel special. Their thoughtful gesture of complimentary wine and a keepsake keychain was a personal touch that added warmth to our stay.

Swain House exterior on Nantucket, MA
Wine for happy hour at The Swain house
The garden at Swain House on Nantucket, MA
The rooms at Swain House at 21 Broad on Nantucket, MA
Interior details at The Swain House on Nantucket
The garden at Swain House on Nantucket, MA
A woman running in downtown Nantucket, MA

Let's take mid-post shopping break...

Here’s everything I packed for Nantucket.

Our days were filled with quaint island adventures. We meandered through charming shops, each nook of the island revealing its own story. A highlight was our bike ride to Sconset, a scenic journey I recommend to all. And biking to Cisco? A revelation! I’m convinced there’s no better way to explore Nantucket’s picturesque landscape.

Sankaty lighthouse on Nantucket, MA
Sconset bluff walk
Sconset views
A mother daughter bike ride
Sconset garden
Sconset art truck

Our culinary journey in Nantucket was a delightful exploration of tastes and experiences. It began at Cru, a picturesque waterfront restaurant where we indulged in our favorite combination of wine and seafood, each dish reflecting the island’s culinary wealth. Our next stop was American Seasons, an embodiment of elegance and flavor, where the seasonal cuisine of New England was showcased in every dish.

The mornings at The Swain House were greeted with their delightful complimentary breakfast, a light yet satisfying start to our day. For a taste of local charm, the sandwiches from Sconset Market were unbeatable, offering a delicious blend of flavors that captured the essence of the island. Our experience at the Ships Inn was like stepping into a New England culinary dream, with the lobster appetizer and filet mignon standing out as exemplary dishes.

Our gastronomic adventure concluded at Born & Bread, where the famed breakfast sandwiches were worth every minute of the wait. This final culinary stop encapsulated the unique flavors of Nantucket, leaving us with lasting memories of the island’s vibrant food scene.

Crab salad at Cru on Nantucket
Dinner at American Seasons on Nantucket
Breakfast at the Swain House
Appetizer at Ships Inn on Nantucket
The line at Born & Bread Nantucket
Champagne at Cru on Nantucket
Dinner at American Seasons on Nantucket
A sandwich from Sconset Market on Nantucket
Dinner at Ships Inn on Nantucket
The breakfast sandwich at Born & Bread Nantucket

This trip was more than just a summer getaway; it was a cherished chapter in the book of my relationship with my mom. The shared laughs, stories, and the joy of discovering Nantucket together have sparked what I hope will be a lasting tradition of mother-daughter trips.

For those planning a Nantucket escape, consider staying at a Lark Hotel for unmatched elegance and comfort. Rent bikes to truly experience the island’s charm, make a stop at Cisco Brewery and indulge in the local culinary delights. For more insights and tips on Nantucket, don’t forget to explore the other content on my blog – your curated guide for a cool, well-lived Boston lifestyle.

Sconset Beach
Shop downtown on Nantucket
Shop downtown on Nantucket
Shop downtown on Nantucket

A million thank yous to The Swain House at 21 Broad and Lark Hotels generously hosting me! If you’re interested in staying at a Lark Hotel, visit their website at All opinions and images are my own.

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