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A Weekend in Boston

Acorn Street, Boston, MA | The Stopover

Labor Day is the worst. Not only does it signify the end of summer, but people start dropping F bombs left and right.


Now, because of that last statement you might think that I hate fall. I don’t. I love fall. (Hold up, is it weird to anyone else that you don’t capitalize seasons. Because it’s freaking me out right now. Anyway </rant>.) But I extremely dislike the season that happens after fall. That season which shall not be named.

Anyway, summer in Boston is the best. There’s so much history at our fingertips and the warmer months are my favorite time to visit all of the sights. I spent a lot of time away from home this year, so I thought a little staycation would be a great way sendoff the season.

I kicked off the weekend with a fantastic dinner at Pier 6 in the Charlestown Navy Yard. It’s a classic New England restaurant and bar that serves quintessential New England fare with a focus on local seafood and produce. It was delish. And the above picture is the view from the restaurant. Awesome, right? You can read about it here.

I continued my eating tour of Boston the next day at Mamaleh’s in Kendall Square. Technically in Cambridge, this Jewish deli is fantastic. Great vibe, great flavors. All-in-all a great way to start the day. (Head this way to see some major food porn.)

After consuming what felt like all of the food in Boston, I thought I should do a little walking. It was a beautiful day so I thought that the Boston Public Garden was a great place to stroll.

The Boston Public Garden is the Nation’s first public botanical garden. Created in 1837, two centuries after the Boston Common across the street, the Garden still has the original Victorian vibe. Beautiful flowers, plants and trees. Traditional bridges, fountains and paths. And the Swan Boats in the summer. It’s an amazing place to sit and chat with friends or wander with a cup of coffee.

After some strolling in the Garden, I head over to Charles Street in Beacon Hill. Charles Street is a busy road with lots of coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques. Perfect for window shopping. (Or buying clothes that you don’t really need.)

One spot you can’t miss in Beacon Hill is Acorn Street. It’s a couple blocks off of Charles Street and it’s often called “the most photographed street in the United States.”

Another amazing spot to visit during a short Boston trip (or a staycation, in my case) is a museum. Specifically, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Even if you’re not so into museums, the ISG has such a cool and fascinating history. One, Isabella Stewart Gardner is one badass chick. She was a top art collector of her time. Not for a women. Just the top, period. And she was such a baller that she modeled her house after a Venetian palace. NBD. That alone should get you there, but if it doesn’t… two, there was a famous, still yet-to-be solved art heist here in 1990. Ohhh!

To round out my weekend-o-history in Boston, I hung out by the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. (Full disclosure, this is basically my front yard, so by “hanging out”, I mean, I was on my couch drinking rosé and could hear the canons being fired.) This half truth from me doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit. It’s a beautiful park, and if you have the energy to climb to the top, you’ll get an incredible view of  Boston.

I try not to take Boston for granted, but it’s hard when you’re running from work, to home, to work, to home. This weekend help me enjoy my hometown a bit. It was incredible to explore and wander. There’s so much history in this little city.

If you’re planning a visit to Boston, let me know! I’d be happy to send a few tips your way.

Happy traveling!

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