Saltie Girl

A few weeks ago, I tried out Saltie Girl for the first time. It’s a new Back Bay restaurant that focuses all of their effort on seafood – raw, cooked and tinned. They have a great aesthetic as well. Each detail inside the small Dartmouth Street restaurant is a perfect combination of vintage and beach. And it’s not bad for an Instagram or two.

Where to eat: Saltie Girl Boston, MA | The Stopover

I start most meals with oysters. I wasn’t familiar with all the options so the staff recommended a few for me to try. No surprise, they were excellent. Some were brinier than others, which I love, but they have options for everyone. The platter comes with cocktail sauce, horseradish, and hot sauce and mignonette in an eye dropper. Which is genius.

Where to eat: Saltie Girl Boston, MA | The Stopover
Where to eat: Saltie Girl Boston, MA | The Stopover

There are a few different toasts on the menu. Personally, I could eat toast all day – if the bread is good enough. And the bread is good enough at Saltie Girl. I got the Snow Crab toast with burrata and avocado. I don’t know if other people say this but if something is amazingly delicious I say, “I want to rub it on my face.” I said it here. It’s phenomenal.

Where to eat: Saltie Girl Boston, MA | The Stopover

SG also has killer brunch items woven into their standard menu. Not only do they offer fried lobster and waffles (no, I haven’t tried it yet), but they also offer smoked fish and bagels. This is the spread you get with the smoked trout. I was already leaning heavily on the carbs, so I didn’t eat the bagel… but the fish was .SO.GOOD.

Where to eat: Saltie Girl Boston, MA | The Stopover

My friend and I decided to share the lobster roll. We were already pretty full, but we felt that it was our civic duty to try it. And we didn’t want to let you down. You have the option of getting your roll hot or cold. We got hot. The lobster was fresh and not super heavy on the butter. The chips are made in-house and are a great combo with the roll. Mmmmm…

Where to eat: Saltie Girl Boston, MA | The Stopover

All in all, it was a great experience. Not only did they have great food, but the whole restaurant is eye candy. Grab a seat at the bar, or in a booth. Either place, you’ll have something pretty to look at.

Oh – and I can’t believe I didn’t mention this yet – they have a whole rosé menu. Like, more than one option. If you’re a rosé fan, this is huge.



Yellowtail Crudo

Beautiful flavors.

Smoked Trout

I love this smoked fish and bagel pairing.

Lobster roll

One of the best I’ve had.

Saltie Girl

Back Bay, $$$

281 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA

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