Block Island Beach House

September 28, 2019


Block Island, Rhode Island

After missing the last ferry of the day to Block Island, and the first night of my two day stay, I made it to Block Island Beach House. The small delay made my arrival that much sweeter, and thankfully, the hotel is the epitome of relaxed vibes. From the decor to the outdoor bar to the beachfront views. The stress from my trip to the hotel immediately faded away, and I settled into the visit.

Block Island Beach House has to be one of my favorite Lark Hotels to date. (If you have been here before then you know that I love Lark Hotels.) The minute I step into a Lark, no matter what destination, I feel like I’m at home. It doesn’t hurt that I’m obsessed with each detail in every one of their properties. There’s something that really resonates with me at Block Island Beach House though. Maybe it’s the salty air or the small beach town atmosphere? I don’t know, but I feel even more at home there.

A million thank yous to Block Island Beach House on Block Island, Rhode Island for generously hosting me! If you’re interested in dining or staying at Block Island Beach House, visit their website at All opinions and images are my own.

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