B&G Oysters is hands-down my favorite patio in Boston. Located in the South End, B&G is cozy, vine-covered and not noisy. It’s heaven. I also think it’s one of the best raw bars in the city.

Best patio evidence is below. I dare you to prove me wrong.

B&G Oysters in Boston | The Stopover

If you’re looking for a quick dinner in the summer, a lengthy lunch with your friends or something in between, B&G has you covered. My last visit was a light dinner in late August, and it was fantastic.

I started with fried oysters. And I love these fried oysters. The simple preparation doesn’t take away from the oyster so you get to enjoy the oyster flavor along with the crispiness of the batter.

B&G Oysters in Boston | The Stopover
B&G Oysters in Boston | The Stopover
B&G Oysters in Boston | The Stopover

I also ordered the Shorty Stack, a small shellfish tower, which was plenty. Smoked mussels, littlenecks, shrimp cocktail, oysters and crabmeat cocktail.

B&G Oysters in Boston | The Stopover
B&G Oysters in Boston | The Stopover
B&G Oysters in Boston | The Stopover

The shellfish is.so.fresh. I could order another shellfish tower, but I restrain myself. Because I ordered more food. I spotted a charred octopus appetizer on the menu that I HAD to have.

I made the right decision.

Octopus is so tricky to cook, and this is so well prepared. High-five, B&G!

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B&G Oysters in Boston | The Stopover

Seriously, B&G is a great experience. I am always so happy when I sit down on their patio. It’s a beautiful environment and a great meal – every time.

B&G Oysters in Boston | The Stopover




Because, obviously.

House Ceviche

Just get it. Whatever it is.

Charred Spanish Octopus

If it’s in season, just get it. The octopus is perfectly cooked and the bean accompaniment is outstanding.

B&G Oysters

South End, $$$

550 Tremont St, Boston, MA

A million thank yous to B&G Oysters in Boston, Massachusetts for generously hosting me! If you’re interested in eating at B&G Oysters, or any of Barbara Lynch’s restaurants, visit their website at bandgoysters.com or at www.barbaralynch.com. All opinions and images are my own.

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