Hi, I'm Meaghan

Lovely to meet you!

The Stopover is a space to share my thoughts on food, travel, and everything in between. I've always been a visual person and I have a passionate love for capturing the essence of something through photography.

Travel blogger Meaghan Murray shares an image of Plum Island, MA on her blog The Stopover
Travel blogger Meaghan Murray shares a hotel guide for The Nantucket Hotel on her blog The Stopover

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

So what’s my deal?

I grew up on the east coast. Having lived in Maryland, New Jersey, Florida, I moved to Boston to attend Boston University. Growing up, I was always doing something artistic – drawing, painting, constantly rearranging my room. Being creative is in my soul, and I’m always looking for an outlet.

Upon moving to Boston, I explored my new surroundings, tried new foods, and experienced city life. I loved it and wanted to see more. Shortly after college graduation, I backpacked through Western Europe and that’s when my love of travel really started to thrive. From Prague to Barcelona (and everywhere in between), I discovered new cultures and foods. I tried paella in Spain, roamed the streets of Paris, and slept on trains transporting me from country to country. I was totally and completely inspired. As you can imagine, I didn’t stop talking about my experiences when I returned home. I was hooked.

As technology evolved, I went from documenting my travels and creativity on paper to blogging and posting about my experiences online. My new travel routine consisted of deciding on a destination and obsessively creating detailed itineraries and bookmarking places to visit on Google Maps. That research can in handy as I would share my recommendations and said maps with my friends and family (really anyone who even mentioned they were planning a trip). Once Instagram became a part of my travel conversation, the rest, as they say, was history.

Now, I split my time working at a tech company in Boston with traveling around the world. (Remote working and unlimited vacation-time help make globetrotting a lot easier.) When I’m not traveling or at home in my apartment in Charlestown, you can probably catch me in Portland, Maine visiting my family and drinking wine at my sister’s wine shop and lounge, Grippy Tannins.