#ChooseTheTable with me

I moved a lot as a kid, and to say that moving when you're young is easy would be the understatement of the century. New schools, new friends, all of it sucks. But what always connected me to my new home was the food. Whether trying crabs for the first time in Maryland, or a pretzel in Philly [...]

5 Away Carry-On Travel Tips

Ok, so I love my Away luggage. The minute I heard about Away, I knew I NEEDED one. Actually, the perfect combination of technology and convenience elevates the Away Carry-On suitcase to NEED TO HAVE levels. (Obviously, the levels go from "Cool" to "I want that" to "Need" to "NEED TO HAVE". [...]

Food Photography Tips

While staying at Blue Inn On The Beach, Yankee Magazine arranged a wonderful workshop full of food photography tips with Krissy from Cottage Farm. I learned some great pro tips during this workshop that I use to this day.


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