Europe June 21, 2016

When in Rome: A Food Guide

When planning my trip to Rome, I wanted to make sure I made the most of my time in Italy. I had only been to Florence once, and only for a couple hours, so I knew I had to make a day trip happen. Luckily, the Italian train system is spectacular and inexpensive.

Food Guides April 15, 2016

Portland, Maine Restaurant Guide: Vol. 2

There's something about Portland, Maine that keeps drawing the culinary elite there in droves. Maybe it's the small city vibe or the proximity to the Atlantic - or that it's just far enough away from Boston that it feels like a vacation. (I mean, there's something to this Vacationland thing Mainers have going for themselves.) Whatever the reason, I'm selfishly happy about it all because I get call Maine my "home" i.e., I get to eat there all of the time.

Food Guides April 2, 2016

London Food Diary: vol. 2

I'm SO excited to tell you about our third and last day in London. We really managed to cover a lot of territory in 12+ hours so put on your stretchy pants and get comfy because there's a lot of food in your very near future. Like a lot of food.

Food Guides April 1, 2016

London Food Diary: vol 1

Believe it or not, I went to London immediately after my Iceland trip. It's rare that I get to just hang when I'm visiting a city. Typically I'm on a mission to see everything, do everything, eat everything, which is pretty much an impossible task. Since this was my fifth trip to the motherland, I primarily focused on the later... eat everything.

Food Guides November 9, 2015

Where to eat: a quick NYC restaurant guide

It's funny. Every time I have a conversation with friends about NYC these days, it centers around whether one of us would move there. For most of my life I never thought that I would ever consider that city livable. No offense to any New Yorkers... it just didn't seem like it was for me. But I have completely changed my tune. 

Food Guides June 2, 2015

Portland Maine Restaurant Guide Vol. 1

Portland is famously a foodie heaven. And I swear it's not bullshit. There are more restaurants per capita in Portland than any other city in the US... and most of them are outstanding. Like James Beard Award outstanding. Since summer is basically here, and my fellow New Englanders are excitedly planning their long weekends, I thought I would share my faves in case you were venturing to my favorite little city in Maine.