USA December 27, 2018

My Savannah, Georgia Stopover: a food guide

I had a few days in Savannah during the Georgia stopover on my Southern Tour with the Feed Feed and the Luxury Collection. I knew I was going to love Savannah, but I just didn't realize how much. Here are my favorite spots from my visit.

Food Guides June 3, 2018

My favorite meal in Trastevere

I've been to Rome a quite a few times, so when I found out she would be a stop on my Mediterranean cruise with Royal Caribbean, I knew I wanted to do something different. Enter Trastevere. I planned to spend my entire day exploring the charming working-class neighborhood. I bookmarked a few things I wanted to see, and a couple lunch options. Not to pat myself on the back but, I did a knock out job scouting locations because I had one of my favorite meals - ever - in Trastevere.

Food Guides May 27, 2018

4 places to eat in Charleston, SC

For my second visit to Charleston, I knew I had to try all new restaurants. Life's too short to repeat meals. (Well, unless they are that good. Then, by all means, repeat away.) I'm also that person that's distracted by shiny new things so it's no surprise that I was excited to try some new spots.

California December 29, 2017

How to spend a weekend in Healdsburg, CA

As one of northern California's worst kept secrets, Healdsburg, CA toes the line between quaint farm town and the hub of wine country. From the bustling city square with countless tasting rooms to the sprawling vine-covered countryside just outside of town, Healdsburg has something for every wine lover. My Healdsburg weekend guide covers all of my favorite spots.

Food Guides December 24, 2017

Where to Eat and Drink in Paris

The food scene in Paris is extraordinary. Whether you want French classics or trendier cuisines, you will have no problem finding what you're looking for. The same goes for drinks. Paris has an incredible cocktail scene - from traditional French wine and absinthe to inventive cocktails and daiquiris.

Food Guides August 15, 2017

#ChooseTheTable with me

I moved a lot as a kid, and to say that moving when you're young is easy would be the understatement of the century. New schools, new friends, all of it sucks. But what always connected me to my new home was the food. Whether trying crabs for the first time in Maryland, or a pretzel in Philly or learning to appreciate food in Boston, there's one constant threaded through all of this - family and friends.

Boston January 25, 2017

My Top 10 Favorite Boston Restaurants

I have a hard time writing about my home city. I'm not sure why. Part of it might be is that there is SO much that I have yet to see an do. Maybe that will be part of my 2017 - exploring my Boston more.But if I had to make an excuse it's because when I find something I tend to go back again and again. And I can only eat so much. So while I'm tackling the Eater Boston 38, here are my go-to spots in Boston to have a cozy meal.

Food Guides January 6, 2017

My 7 Go To NYC Restaurants

There are tens of thousands of places to eat in New York City. If you like food even a little bit, it can be overwhelming. I love trying new spots when I'm visiting, but there are a few spots that I can always rely on.

Asia December 27, 2016

Hong Kong Food Guide

Hong Kong, like any metropolitan city, has an extensive list of possible dining options - from modern to traditional to pre-fixe to fast food. Let me tell you, it can be super overwhelming. And being a self-proclaimed foodie, it can be suffocating. I'm the type of person that wants the perfect combination of traditional local dishes as well as familiar foods. I never like to have too much of one thing. (Ok, lies, I can ruin something because I want too much of it but this mostly applies to songs, though. *ahem*Bruno Mars' 24K*ahem*)

Food Guides October 30, 2016

Where to Eat in New Orleans

I don't know about you but whenever I hear someone say "New Orleans", I think about drinking until oblivion on Bourbon Street. That is until I visited for the first time. Now, I think of New Orleans is a history rich city that prides itself on cultural cooking and authentic flavors. The city surprised me with the number of restaurants that I had on my "To Eat" list. With so many to choose from, I wanted to share my favorites with you.