City Guides May 31, 2021

Portland, Maine City Guide

Portland, Maine is a food heaven. I've compiled my favorite spots into my Portland, Maine City Guide. This City Guide aims to evolve with Portland's food and shopping scene. I will continue to keep this updated and you can find it under my City Guides section.

Portland, ME October 17, 2017

The Shop in Portland, Maine

The Shop is the latest venture by the guys behind Island Creek Oysters. Their first restaurant in Portland, Maine, The Shop is a classic oyster bar that serves only three things: oysters, canned fish, and caviar. It's seriously good. The minute I heard The Shop had opened, I couldn't believe it. Mostly because I had no clue Island Creek was making their way north.

Portland, ME January 13, 2017

A Taste of Portland, Maine at UNION

During my stay at The Press Hotel this past weekend, I was lucky enough to snag a table at UNION Restaurant for dinner AND brunch. Executive Chef, Josh Berry, believes in local and seasonal ingredients, which I wholeheartedly support. He also believes in delicious aromas because the minute you walk into UNION you smell amazing things coming from the open concept kitchen.

Hotels January 11, 2017

Between The Sheets at The Press Hotel in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is a special place. It's a small town with a very big culture. They've had a huge influx of amazing restaurants, shops, and hotels over the past 15 years, and I have to say, I think it's one of the coolest cities in the US. One of the hippest spots in town is The Press Hotel. Part of the Autograph Collection's hotel chain, The Press is located in the former home of the Portland Press Herald, Maine's largest newspaper.

Portland, ME August 24, 2016


Portland has become one of the coolest cities over the past decade, and I'm so happy to call it home base. We moved a bit when I was growing up, and my family would always go to Portland during the summer. With all of the changing scenery, Portland was our constant. I 1000% took Portland for granted, but now I am so thankful that I can visit anytime I want.

Food Guides April 15, 2016

Portland, Maine Restaurant Guide: Vol. 2

There's something about Portland, Maine that keeps drawing the culinary elite there in droves. Maybe it's the small city vibe or the proximity to the Atlantic - or that it's just far enough away from Boston that it feels like a vacation. (I mean, there's something to this Vacationland thing Mainers have going for themselves.) Whatever the reason, I'm selfishly happy about it all because I get call Maine my "home" i.e., I get to eat there all of the time.

Food Guides June 2, 2015

Portland Maine Restaurant Guide Vol. 1

Portland is famously a foodie heaven. And I swear it's not bullshit. There are more restaurants per capita in Portland than any other city in the US... and most of them are outstanding. Like James Beard Award outstanding. Since summer is basically here, and my fellow New Englanders are excitedly planning their long weekends, I thought I would share my faves in case you were venturing to my favorite little city in Maine.