Restaurant Reviews June 1, 2021

Unforgettable dining experience at Nautilus restaurant: a review

To say that I stalk both Nautilus restaurants is an understatement. I was first introduced to Nautilus on my favorite little island off the coast of Massachusetts (Nantucket). On island, they don't regularly take reservations in advance so it's a commitment to get in. But oh-so-worth-it. When I heard they were opening a Boston outpost, like a good stalker, I was there on opening night.

Boston December 27, 2018

Where to stay: The Eliot Hotel in Boston, MA

The Eliot Hotel in Boston's Back Bay was home to my recent staycation. There's something so great about staying in new surroundings in your hometown. For me, it reignites the mystery and adventure and it makes me want to re-explore familiar neighborhoods. For a foodie like me, The Eliot is one of the best hotel choices in the city. With UNI next door, and countless restaurants, cafes, and bistros steps from the hotel, The Eliot will help you eat your way through the city.

Boston December 5, 2018

How to staycation like a foodie

There's nothing like a good staycation. It gives you an excuse to stay in a new neighborhood, explore your hometown, and eat in a restaurant you haven't tried yet. So a couple weeks ago, I did just that. I packed my bags and treated myself to the Ames Hotel's #FindYourBoston foodie package.

Boston August 28, 2018

Where to eat: B&G Oysters

B&G Oysters is hands-down my favorite patio in Boston. Located in the South End, B&G is cozy, vine-covered and not noisy. It's heaven. I also think it's one of the best raw bars in the city.

Boston August 13, 2018

Where to eat: Island Creek Oyster Bar

Brunch at Island Creek Oyster Bar has everything - homemade breads and pastries, burgers, and lobster rolls. And coffee, and waffles, and fried oyster sliders. Located in Kenmore Square, and born from their Duxbury oyster farm, Island Creek Oyster bar is not only an iconic Boston brand, but also a seriously amazing place for brunch.

Hotels July 15, 2018

No. 284: A Modern Art Lover’s Dream Hotel in Boston, MA

Walking up to the entrance of No. 284 is like walking up to most brownstones in Boston. Except what lies beyond the buzzer of the front door is an exceptionally curated modern art collection. Anywhere you set foot on the property there's something to admire. The rich blue walls, ornate crystal chandeliers, stacks of art books.

Boston June 10, 2018

Where to eat: Bar Mezzana

Last weekend, a few pals and I planned an indulgent Sunday brunch at Bar Mezzana. When it came to ordering, we didn't hold back. From crudo to donuts to eggs, we tried everything. Each dish was prepared perfectly.

Boston June 7, 2018

ICYMI: My ultimate Boston staycation on

Check out my interview with Oset Babur and about my ultimate Boston staycation.

Restaurant Reviews May 17, 2018

Where to eat: Counter in Salem, MA

Counter, located in the lobby of The Hotel Salem, is the latest installation by Lark Hotel's Executive Chef, Justin Perdue. Like his other spot, Picnic Social in Stowe, VT, Justin's menu at Counter is approachable and surprising.

Hotels May 16, 2018

My Hotel Salem stay

Holy smokes! The Hotel Salem, a Lark Hotel property, is one of the most unique and beautifully designed hotels I've ever stayed in. Housed in former high-end clothing store space, THS is a throwback to the 60s. Seriously, call up Don Draper, make yourself an old fashioned, and light up a cigarette. (Just kidding, don't do that last one...ever. But do have an old fashioned... and if you have Jon Hamm's phone number, definitely call him.)