My Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Need Travel Inspiration

December 21, 2016

Hey guys, long time no talk. I’m working on my next two Hong Kong posts, but you know, life just got in the way. (Also, all of my pictures are in the “cloud” and Lightroom isn’t recognizing them so I need to deal with that before I post. Ugh, technology!) So stupid. Moving on…

There are two things that are pretty obvious about me: 1) I love to travel and 2) I’m “kind of” obsessed with Instagram. I look to Instagram for a lot of inspiration and there are a few specific accounts that I can count on when I’m suffering from wanderlust or when I’m planning my next adventure.

Since I’m in a sharing mood, and I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you, (Because I’m not. I would never do that. Ever.) I thought I would spread the love and share my favorite accounts for travel inspo. Happy following!

1/ @thiswildidea

2/ @lucylaucht

3/ @juliaberolzheimer

4/ @girlvsglobe

5/ @anddicted

6/ @whatalexloves

7/ @callicles

A photo posted by Sam J (@callicles) on

A photo posted by Sam J (@callicles) on

8/ @dametraveler

9/ @spot

A photo posted by Spot (@spot) on

A photo posted by Spot (@spot) on

10/ @meaghanmurray