Home essentials for whatever life brings.

I’m pretty excited to introduce you to one of my favorite brands and your new go-to for all things home essentials – Snowe Home. From dinner parties to chill nights on the couch, Snowe Home has you covered. Their simple classic style is timeless and perfect for any kitchen. And now, they have applied those principles and created a collection of beach textiles just in time for summer. This Anywhere Linen Throw will be accompanying me to many beach happy hours.

Before I go, I have to share my love for Snowe Home’s design principles because they go way beyond design.

    1. Keep it simple.
    2. Always have a purpose.
    3. Be there, always and forever.
    4. Balance tradition with your own thing.
    5. Be real, above all.

Be real, above all really got me. Way to go, Snowe Home.

Name to Know - Snowe Home
Name to Know - Snowe Home
Name to Know - Snowe Home
Name to Know - Snowe Home

Thank you to Snowe Home for gifting me these items! And thank you for featuring me in your email!