Block Island Beach House Experience: A Slice of Paradise

September 28, 2019



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There’s something undeniably magical about the “Block Island Beach House experience.” Perhaps it’s the way the sun kisses the horizon, casting a golden hue over the pristine beachfront, or maybe it’s the rhythmic sound of waves crashing, harmonizing with the distant chatter from the outdoor bar. Whatever it is, it’s enchanting.

You see, my journey to this paradise wasn’t without its hiccups. After missing the last ferry of the day to Block Island, I was left wondering if the universe was playing some cruel joke on me. But as fate would have it, the slight delay only heightened my anticipation. When I finally set foot on the island and made my way to the Block Island Beach House, every ounce of stress melted away. The hotel, with its laid-back vibe and meticulously curated decor, was a balm to my weary soul.

Now, if you’ve followed my travels, you’d know about my soft spot for Lark Hotels. Each property is a masterpiece, a testament to their commitment to luxury and comfort. But there’s something about Block Island Beach House that’s just… different. It’s not just the salty air or the quintessential small beach town atmosphere. It’s the entire experience – from sipping on classic summer cocktails at the bar to indulging in breakfast sandwiches at their in-house restaurant. Every moment feels like a scene straight out of a dreamy summer novel.

So, if you ever find yourself yearning for a slice of paradise, you know where to go. Block Island Beach House isn’t just a hotel; it’s an experience, one that stays with you long after you’ve left its shores.

A million thank yous to Block Island Beach House on Block Island, Rhode Island for generously hosting me! If you’re interested in dining or staying at Block Island Beach House, visit their website at All opinions and images are my own.

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