I had one of those “I don’t want to be anywhere else but here” moments on my New Orleans trip. Good music, good drinks, and good food. And great people. (But that I can’t help you with.)

Bacchanal Wine is an unassuming wine shop in the Bywater district of New Orleans. It’s on a street corner that you would probably just walk past without looking up, and your Uber might even miss it, but it’s worth the effort. Hands down, one of the best food and drink experiences I’ve had in quite a while.

If you’re looking for white tablecloths, a cheese cart, and a sommelier, definitely don’t come here. If you’re looking to sit in a backyard with live gypsy jazz, a killer cheese fridge, an amazing bottle of wine, DEFINITELY come here. This “wine laboratory” located in the Ninth Ward guarantees a unique evening out.

When you walk-in, the super knowledgeable staff are eager to help you choose your perfect wine. We were craving more of a Sauv Blanc angle, so we went with Sancerre and a Grüner as our two bottles. Talk about Holy Vino. I loved these wines. Super crisp and perfectly tart.

For our cheese, we went with a classic four: brie, aged gouda, manchego and a soft blue. After you picked your cheeses, bring your selections to the counter and the team at Bacchanal will assemble your cheese plate for you. TRUST. They know what they’re doing.

While you wait for your cheese plate, grab your wine(s) and head out back to get a table. On the way, snag an ice bucket and some ice.

If you like cheese plates, then you know what a magnificent sight it is to see a cheese plate like this.

Once your cheese arrives, sit back, relax and enjoy the food, drink, music and company.

If you’re obsessed like I am, then you’ll probably want to spend every waking moment here. Lucky for you, there’s an actual kitchen so you don’t have to sustain yourself on just cheese and wine. Though, I wouldn’t argue with that.

Bacchanal Wine is located at 600 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

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