The Ace Hotel in New Orleans

So many things were checked off the bucket list in New Orleans.

  1. The most obvious – visit New Orleans
  2. See a brass band perform live (The Soul Rebels at Le Bon Ton Roule!)
  3. Be in a Second line… in the French Quarter. (Yeah, that happened!)
  4. $.25 martinis (Woof, that happened…)
  5. Stay at an Ace Hotel

Being a travel writer/blogger/lover/nerd, I have a tendency to stalk different travel magazines and websites. I think it was sometime in the past two years that I first read about the Ace Hotel brand (here), and how they are building communities within their hotels. I never looked back.

Now, I’ve been to NYC a few times since I first read that 2010 article, but I never had the chance to visit or stay in the Midtown location. Lucky for me, my dear friend from college was getting married in New Orleans, and I had a reason to a) visit NOLA, and b) stay in an Ace.

I flew down to NOLA a few days early so I could geek out over NOLA and the hotel before the wedding festivities started. Holy smokes *pats self on back*. I wanted to stay in the hotel forever and never leave (it’s fine, they have 24/7 room service and a rooftop pool).

I arrived mid morning on a Wednesday (but immediately went out for said martinis). I finally checked in around 2pm, and I was excited. Like, not normal excited. Well, I guess, normal for me.

The check-in area is small, but beautiful. It’s between the hotel restaurant, Josephine Estelle, and the lobby area.

Josephine Estelle is something. It has a retro glam vibe that makes you want to sit there all day chatting with your girlfriends.

On the other side of the check-in, you have the lobby/lounge area. Prepare yourself. You’ll have to resist the urge to ditch your hotel room and just stay here.

I don’t know about you, but this is a dream lobby. It’s the perfect place to congregate and grab a coffee or cocktail while you make plans, or after you return from a day of exploring.

Speaking of coffee, if you look just over the top over this luscious leather couch, you’ll see a doorway. That’s the entrance to Stumptown Coffee. I mean, this place is literally heaven.

(Shout out to my new Krewe du Optic shades that I scored at the Krewe sample sale hosted at the Ace.)

And if you’re in need of something a little bit, um, “stronger” than coffee, there’s an excellent bar located right next to the couches.

You should see this area around 10 p.m. It’s jam packed with the most stylish people in New Orleans. The lovely bartenders make a mean cocktail. And happy hour isn’t too shabby either.

Heading to the rooms, you’ll pass by the Three Keys night club AND a photobooth. I love photobooths. There should be more photobooths in the world. But I digress…

Let’s be clear, the party doesn’t need to end because you’re going to your room. Each room is fully stocked with a bar, snacks and bevs in your very own SMEG fridge.

(Ignore my Stan Smiths in the fridge reflection. I was too lazy to edit them out.)

I always like to take a bit of a disco nap before I get ready for the evening festivities, so I resisted the bar in my room.

As you can probably tell by now, no detail is overlooked. Anywhere. I meant, just look at this desk area.

I didn’t sit down once on those chairs but I spent a lot of time looking at each detail. I mean, they even have a Maid Tip envelope. Also, tip your maid!

I would normally say that I’m saving the best for last but everything was just incredible at the Ace NOLA. I have to admit though, I did save the most indulgent, in my mind, for last.

I never, and I mean NEVER, spend time at pools. When I’m visiting a new place, I like to keep myself out exploring all day, not wanting to miss anything. But Alto.

Alto opens at 10 a.m. and I 1000% was up there by 10:15 a.m. every day after my morning explorations/breakfast/coffee. I loved going up to the roof, hanging by the pool, enjoying a cocktail or a nap, and really just relishing the down time.

The pool area gets busy pretty quickly. I would say that by noon, it’s packed and the bar is fairly full. But it’s worth checking out. Even if you aren’t staying at the Ace. Alto is just a cool bar with a great view of New Orleans.

Well, that’s my stay at the Ace in New Orleans. It was magical.

Thank you to the Ace Hotel. It was great sleeping with you! 😉

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