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Step into Meaghan Murray's visual diary, where life, food, travel, and more come alive. Through the lens of her camera, Meaghan encapsulates the heart of every moment.

Travel blogger Meaghan Murray shares an image of Plum Island, MA on her blog The Stopover
Meaghan Murray with the vintage school bus from The Nantucket Hotel.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Meet Meaghan Murray, an east coast native with a creative soul. After living in Maryland, New Jersey, and Florida, she found her home in Boston, attending Boston University. Creativity has always been her companion, from drawing and painting to rearranging her room.

Boston was a new canvas for Meaghan. She explored the city, indulged in new foods, and soaked in urban life. Her love for travel took flight after backpacking through Western Europe post-college. From tasting paella in Spain to wandering the streets of Paris, she was inspired by every new culture and cuisine. Her experiences became stories she couldn’t stop sharing.

As technology advanced, Meaghan transitioned from paper to digital, blogging about her travels and experiences. She meticulously plans her trips, bookmarks places on Google Maps and shares her itineraries and recommendations with friends, family, and anyone planning a trip. Instagram became a key player in her travel narrative.

Today, Meaghan’s mission extends beyond travel. She shares life tips spanning from fashion to wellness, gardening to work guides, and everything in between. Her goal is to inspire and provide valuable insights through her diverse experiences.

Now, Meaghan balances her time between working from home in Gloucester, MA, and traveling around New England and the world. When she’s not on the move, you’ll find her breathing new life into her Gloucester home on Rocky Neck. Alongside her fiance, Brian, and their dog, Lacy, she’s stripping wallpaper, redecorating interiors, and transforming their blank canvas of a garden into a blooming oasis.