A Colorful New Orleans Walking Tour

On my first full day in New Orleans, I woke up hella early and walked from the Warehouse District to the Bywater neighborhood. This is normally like an hour walk without any distractions, but I think it took me around 3 to finish the whole trek. There is a lot of sightseeing in New Orleans, and this walk covered a lot of the tourist attractions. 

The Ace Hotel in New Orleans

So many things were checked off the bucket list in New Orleans.

  1. The most obvious - visit New Orleans
  2. See a brass band perform live (The Soul Rebels at Le Bon Ton Roule!)
  3. Be in a Second line... in the French Quarter. (Yeah, that happened!)
  4. $.25 martinis (Woof, that happened...)
  5. Stay at an Ace Hotel

My 4 Favorite Trip Planning Apps

I love planning trips probably as much as I love traveling on them. 

I love knowing what is nearby, what pictures I want to take, and, most importantly, where I'm going to eat. I know I've talked about this in a few previous posts (here and here), but I like to think I have trip planning down to a science.