Hong Kong: Part 2

When I arrived in Hong Kong I played it off like I wasn't suffering from jet lag. Well, I'm a big fat liar. I was exhausted. I slept on the plane but nothing can really prepare you for a 12-hour time change after a 15-hour flight.

I landed around 3 p.m. and took the Airport Express train into the city. I was staying in the Central neighborhood and it was a quick taxi to the apartment from the train station. The taxi ride was quick but I was already in awe of everything. The buildings were so tall, there were so many people, taxis were so red!

Hong Kong: Part 1 - Flying to Hong Kong with Air Canada

When I was planning my trip to Hong Kong, I thought about how I wanted to get there. I mean, clearly I'm flying, but who do I want to fly with. I'm all about a comfortable flight and I didn't want to skimp on such a long trip. I'm all about a little luxury where I can find it. Especially when you're 10,000 feet in the air.


I flew Premium Economy with Air Canada to Rome this past May, and it was an excellent experience so thought I would see if they flew to Hong Kong. And guess what? They did! To make things even cooler, I had the chance to with partner with Air Canada on my trip and share my experiences with their audience. Obviously, I jumped at the chance.