Friends, countrymen, it's New York Fashion Week and I'm reporting to you live from... my couch. I've tried to keep up since shows started last Wednesday but with my company's 50th anniversary events kicking off on Thursday, I've been a tiny bit busy.

As you can probably imagine, I'm always the most excited for J.Crew's presentation. Lucky for us, they just posted behind the scenes of all the last minute touches.

All of the spring colors are helping to brighten my day... if only they could melt some of the snow. A girl can dream, right? If you need a little more color in your life, you can see all of the pics over at the J.Crew blog.

And if you're stuck inside like me because the millionth snowstorm and need a little retail therapy, J.Crew has a pretty epic sale going on right now. Ch-ch-check it out.



Remember, technically, if you don't cut a cake 
and you just eat the whole thing with a fork... 
you still only had one piece. 

My bday celebrations kicked off on Saturday night with dinner and drinks with my BFFs and is culminating with a sick (like sore throat sick, not like that's siiiiiick bro) snow day. I'm not complaining though. I got to hang with my bestie and the Pats won the Superbowl (which I slept through. Oops.)... all and all a great weekend. AND this weekend I'm going to NYC for the first time in YEARS. I seriously can't wait to eat my way through Manhattan. #fatkid.

ANYWAY to brighten this stupid sick, snowy day, I pulled a few of my favorite Instagrams from the past year to remind me of better times... and of the ramen that I'm not currently eating. #fatkid4eva. (Also, hi, follow me on IG @meaghanmurray!)


Biker jackets have been SA IN for the past year. (And for some they are never out of style.) Well, apologies my fellow fashionistas, I'm just coming around to them. (That's a lie. Apparently, I came around to them 3 years ago when I bought one at Madewell... but I promptly "lost" it in my closet. Whatever.) I guess I was never really sure how to wear one. Not literally, thanks. I just assumed that everyone would think I was playing dress up, but then I thought, hey, aren't we all always playing dress up? (That's pretty deep for a biker jacket post, I know.)

Anyway, I'm a big fan now. I'm loooving the way ladies are mixing styles by adding a little edge to their otherwise casual ensemble.

Biker jacket chic is definitely a thing now.


If you're looking to invest in your very own biker jacket, I totally suggest making it a classic style.

Here are some great options:
* This one from Topshop is timeless and at a decent price point.
* Madewell is claiming to make the ultimate biker jacket. It's not cheap but it is pretty badass.
* H&M has a great option... at an amazing price! $45!